Gran Canaria Scenery MSFS

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This add-on replaces the default MSFS ground textures on Gran Canaria with custom high-resolution color-corrected aerial imagery. It also improves the scenery in several ways and includes optional mesh.

1. Aerial Imagery

  • 3 versions with different resolutions and files sizes – you decide which you would like to use and you can switch between versions anytime
    • Version “Standard” (13.4 GB): high resolution – best ratio between sharpness of textures and file size
    • Version "Premium" (36.6 GB): very high resolution – recommended for the majority of users
    • Version “Premium Plus” (55.4 GB): very high resolution and ultra-high resolution at densely populated areas (see below) – recommended for the absolute best experience
  • Improvements over the default MSFS ground textures include:
    • realistic manual color correction that brings Gran Canaria to life
    • optimization for realistic display in MSFS lighting conditions
    • sharper image with more visible details (e.g. rock structure)
    • no green tint, especially no green roads and no green sand
    • no clouds visible on the ground
    • higher resolution (depending on the version used)
  • Ultra-high resolution areas of the "Premium Plus" version:
    • the whole east coast including Las Palmas, Telde, Vecindario and both airports (Gran Canaria & El Berriel)
    • the whole south coast including Maspalomas, Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria and Puerto de Mogán

2. Mesh (DEM)

  • 3 versions with resolutions of 2 m, 4 m and 10 m – you choose the best for your hardware and graphics settings
  • Mesh for the airports is included and has been adjusted to eliminate bumps on the ground
  • Please note: This mesh is an experimental feature. While scenery and textures are very FPS friendly, this mesh uses more hardware resources, especially the 2 m version. All of the above screenshots were taken with the 4 m mesh add-on.

3. Scenery improvements:

  • Improvements to the ports and coast:
    • removed incorrectly placed trees along the coast
    • added a few large ships to the Puerto de la Luz (more boats and ships to be added with future updates)
  • Improvements to the vegetation:
    • added palm trees and other typical vegetation to coastal cities
    • replaced trees at Maspalomas dunes with typical dune vegetation
    • replaced deciduous trees in the center of the island with pine trees
    • general changes to match with the aerial imagery (e.g. bushes instead of trees in rocky areas)
  • Other improvements:
    • removed hundreds of incorrectly placed buildings (on top of fields, pools, sports facilities, greenhouses ...)
    • removed incorrect rivers
    • added POI markers for 4 landmarks and 5 cities

Aerial imagery and mesh are put together as separate add-ons and can be used independently of one another.


Additional information

Release Date



Direct Download

File Size

Textures "Standard" + Scenery – 13.4 GB
Textures "Premium" + Scenery – 36.6 GB
Textures "Premium Plus" + Scenery – 55.4 GB
Mesh 2M – 1.1 GB
Mesh 4M – 0.3 GB
Mesh 10M – 0.05 GB


Move the downloaded folder(s) to your MSFS Community folder. Detailed instructions included in the download files.


Simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 version 1.15.8 or higher
OS: Windows 10 version 1909 or higher
Processor: Intel i5-4460 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 or better
Memory: 8 GB
Video Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 770 / AMD Radeon RX 570 or better


5 reviews for Gran Canaria Scenery MSFS

  1. Erhard Henkes

    I installed the premium plus Gran Canaria and the 2 m mesh, and it delivers a great scenery. You find your favorite hotels and places. It is wonderful. I have a rtx 2080 super and 64 GB RAM. Together with the sinwings GCLP it is real fun.

  2. Raymond

    Very nice and performance friendly (4m mesh used with premium texture set). Much beter colors and vegetation, no more rivers and lush green areas where it is in reality very dry. The island now looks like it should. Couldn’t have been happier!

  3. Michael

    Absolutely amazing! Really good quality! Almost photo realistic!

  4. Guillermo

    I’m a PPL pilot from Gran Canaria and it’s another level of realism. The feelings on a low level VFR flight is so close to real flights,totally recommended. Excellent work, as the other Canary islands made by this team.

  5. Christopher

    Another superb scenery add-on from Island Creations. This makes the island really come alive and greatly enhances the enjoyment of flying the area. Well worth the very reasonable cost. Get it now, you won’t regret it.

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